Kat Gordon opened Muddy's Bake Shop on Leap Day of 2008 and has worked hard and learned a lot as the business has grown since then.  She is passionately committed to cultivating an organization that invests in both the community and individuals, pursues excellence with verve, and shares joy with others. Like most small business owners, she's worn many hats at Muddy's from dish washer to editor to baker, many at the same time.  She has been active on boards and committees across Memphis including St. John's Episcopal Church, Memphis Makers' Market, the Episcopal Diocese, MIFA, and St. Mary's Alumnae Board.

Most recently, she has added teaching to her job description and has hosted workshops for several companies and nonprofits, sharing the Muddy's approach to customer service and visioning.

She believes in hard work, good pie, and the Oxford comma.