Jacob Leonard

image002Jacob Leonard is a veteran bartender currently working for Chef Kelly English of The Second Line in the recently revitalized Overton Square area. He has worked as a head bartender and bar manager in the Memphis area for more than 20 years and has a large and loyal customer base.

During his career, he created three award-winning wine menus for the Grisanti family and has been featured in numerous Mid-South publications for his creative cocktails.

4 thoughts on “Jacob Leonard

  1. Cannon says:

    Jacob is a true Jedi of his craft. In addition to his expert knowledge and creativity with craft cocktails, watch him put on a show of speed and precisions when the bar is packed, where no one will go thirsty, every drink is perfect, and each customer is treated like a friend. You gotta see this guy!


  2. MaryRuth says:

    Jacob is definitely the boss of the bar!! He is truly amazing and quick on his feet! He also brings charisma to the bar!! He is the best, hands down the best bartender I’ve ever seen!!!


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