Vishwesh Bhatt

Oxford, MS

original-201201-a-bnc-vishwesh-bhattAt Snackbar, worlds collide under Chef Vishwesh Bhatt. A native of Gujarat, India and Oxford, MS, Bhatt joined award-winning chef John Currence’s staff in 2001 and has since put himself on the map as one of the most talented chefs in the South. Bhatt opened Snackbar in 2009, combining Southern and subcontinental influences to create a menu worthy of propelling Bhatt to culinary fame. Bhatt has recently been named Corporate Chef of City Grocery Restaurant Group and oversees kitchens at all of the group’s restaurants. When not at Snackbar or helping one of City Grocery’s other restaurants, Bhatt is spending time with his wife Teresa and his two dogs, Pogo and Tula.