Keith Bambrick

McEwen’s on Monroe

30Chef Keith Bambrick can thank his father for instilling in him a passionate and sincere approach to cooking. As a young boy growing up in Heber Springs, Arkansas, Keith helped his dad, who was from Chicago, prepare dinner every Sunday for the family. He got his first experience in prepping food on those Sunday afternoons, and while cutting what seems like an endless supply of vegetables, he watched his father make gravies and his own sausages.

Born with an instinctive talent for marrying flavors and textures, Keith’s first professional kitchen job was for a small spot whose focus was on soups, an opportunity that allowed him to hone his natural gifts, along with the skills he had learned from his dad.

When he took over the kitchen at McEwen’s, Keith immediately saw the opportunity to capitalize on what makes McEwen’s stand out – consistent and hearty plates – while adding his flair for melding exciting flavors. His approach to food, ingenious and innovative while still being respectful to tradition, keeps McEwen’s at the top of everyone’s list of favorite spots to eat in Memphis.

When asked about cooking and the advice he shares with new staff in his kitchen, Keith simply says, “Keep it consistent. It’s what makes us who we are. It’s why people come back.”