Bryan Caswell

Houston, TX

brian casswellChef Bryan Caswell, who grew up along coastal waters and sharpened his culinary skills in water-side hot spots from New York to Hong Kong and Barcelona to“…rainbow of flavors and textures of locally grown produce.” the Bahamas, pairs a passion for pristinely fresh fish with the rainbow of flavors and textures of locally grown produce. Coupled with Caswell’s Jean Georges-taught culinary savvy, the resulting oceanic menu is cleverly diverse.

Imagine such delectable dishes as salted slow-baked salmon atop lemon risotto, crispy-skin snapper garnished by sweet and sour chard, grilled scallops aside truffle polenta and tempura batter-bronzed soft-shell crab enhanced with slightly sweet yet also sour vinaigrette. Venturing beyond traditional boundaries, less-known tilefish, triggerfish, wahoo, cobia and Rockport-caught tripletail are frequently showcased with savory brilliance. Serving as bookends to a memorable dining experience, the seasonal heirloom tomato salad or snapper carpaccio are excellent jump-starts, while the delicate pannecotta or over-the-top Vietnamese coffee tart provide heavenly conclusions.